Turn your favourite pet photos into a beautiful work of art that will last for generations to come.

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Contemporary Watercolour Pet Portraits

by Pasha
For the less traditional client seeking a statement artwork .

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Pet Portraits

by Pasha
Suited to the client looking for a family heirloom with a larger budget.

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Pet Portraits

by Pasha

For the affordable option and more traditional client looking 

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Traditional Watercolour
Pet Portraits

by Pasha

A more traditional rendition in true colours whilst keeping the Pasha style.

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My mother was devasted when her 18 year old dog passed away. The portrait we ordered is something that will be treasured forever. It was the perfect gift and the perfect reminder of all the happy times they shared.


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Pasha seems to transend all age barriers with these beautiful animal artworks. I bought one for my grandmother and a set of four for my daughter’s room.

Sue W

I bught a set of small prints for the playgroup and each child had a favourite.  There is something magical as well as educational with the animal prints at Pets by Pasha…

JULY WOOD / Facebook

I highly recommend Pasha’s artwork, presentation and fantastic service generally: she has shipped 2 lovely portraits to me, one overseas and one in there UK .. totally reliable and terrific gifts . I shall definitely be ordering more from her again.  

BILL / Facebook

About Pasha

I am a practising artist from the south coast of England with a busy studio at Royal Clarence Marina.

I am a confirmed animal lover with a large and doting Persian cat who keeps me company while I paint beautiful pet portraits for clients from all around the world.

I use the client’s personal photographs of animals as my source material to hand draw and paint an emotional portrait that will be the pride and joy of any pet owner.

I do not use digital processes in the artwork whatsoever and rely on my skills as a traditional artist to produce entirely handmade portraits.

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Animal Prints of wildlife and pets available to purchase immediately


For clients who love watercolour pet portraits but would prefer a more traditional feel to their artwork, I offer a more realistic pet portrait.

Colours are less exaggerated and true to the original photograph that I am using as my source material.

This style is also the safest option for clients ordering a portrait as a gift.

Of course my style still comes through and you are guaranteed to receive a beautiful artwork that will last for many decades and will be a cherished item for you and your loved ones.

I can even work with old photographs that you have had scanned into a digital format as well as images from your phone or PC.

For this image and other beautifula cat and dog portraits on cushions, mugs, duvets and mobile phone covers please go to our merchandise printers over at our Redbubble Store.

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Contemporary Watercolour Pet Portraits

A watercolour by Pasha is a statement of animal love as well as a declaration that you are different from the crowd. Watercolour is suited to the extrovert, the trendsetter, the lover of colour and of course the pet owner who wants a lasting memory of their beloved pooch, cat, or perhaps even their goldfish.

I use every colour of the rainbow with specially processed pigment paints on textured heavyweight papers. My well developed, and now instantly recognisable watercolour techniques, are proving a big hit with clients from around the world.

Clients can even add background details such as bees, flowers, birds, dragonflies or even a naughty crane fly.

Upload your favourite photo and add options of your choice. Clients who yearn for colour and vibrancy in their lives will not be disappointed with a gorgeous piece of wall art that will last for generations.

Pencil Pet Portraits

Pencil portraits use more affordable materials and this is reflected in the price. But pencil remains a favourite for clients who understand the sensitivity of graphite and lead pencils to convey an emotional portrait that will also last many lifetimes.

I use pencil evocatively and always with that loving glint in the eyes that pet owners know so well.

I avoid too much photo realism preferring to capture the spirit of the animals that mean so much to us. A pasha portrait is proud to be quite unique and different, rather than a photographic or digitised artwork. The nuances of the artist’s technique are paramount in all my portraits.

All pencil portraits are produced entirely by hand with no digital intervention whatsoever. I use the highest quality acid-free papers and pentcils.

Oil Pet Portraits

A portrait in oils is the most traditional choice for pet owners who are looking for an heirloom portrait that will last ultimately for hundreds of years.

I use colour in a sensitive manner whilst applying textured paint to compliment the subject in a more impressionist manner.

Oils are generally produced on a canvas and are ready to hang or to frame as the client wishes.

Oil pet portraits however, take many weeks to produce. The techniques incorporated by the artist coupled with slow drying times mean that this choice of pet portrait medium is not for anyone in a hurry. 

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